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Water quality. We expect the water that comes into our homes and work places to be of the highest quality. We expect our water supply, distribution and treatment systems to deliver clean and pure water. Is our water clean and safe? Does it have great taste and smell? Do you want to drink the water in your home right out of the tap? Are you buying bottled water because you believe it is cleaner, or just because it is more portable?

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Culligan Texoma are the area water experts for your home and business. This site provides information about water quality issues and solutions in Texoma for the area Texas cities including Sherman, Denison, Pottsboro, Gunter, and Bonham and Oklahoma cities including Durant, Calera, Colbert, Kingston, Madill and the other cities surrounding Lake Texoma.

Our water sources in Texoma range from high quality, soft well or spring water to hard, nutrient-laden lake water from Lake Texoma and other area reservoirs. Based on your geographic location, the time of year, drought level, water treatment requirements and the mix of water from these sources, your water quality, taste, smell and appearance will vary. Call us for a free water testing and assessment in your home or business and The Culligan Man from Culligan Texoma will help you develop a plan to keep your water clean, fresh and appealing to your family and your business. Call 903.465.6644 now!

What you will find on this website:

  • Information on Water Quality
  • References for local municipal and water distribution systems
  • Articles about Water and how it affects your lifestyle

City of Sherman, TX Water Quality Information

City of Denison, TX Water Quality Information

City of Pottsboro, TX Water Quality Information

City of Durant, TX Public Works Department

Culligan Texoma wants to help you know what you are drinking! On this site you will find how water is regulated, treated, bottled and how Culligan Drinking Water is different from other water.

For example, municipal water is regulated under the provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Public water treatments plants in the United States are required to monitor for a variety of contaminants, and the number of contaminants is increasing! Originally, public water treatment was focused on the elimination of waterborne disease causing organisms and our government has done a magnificent job of keeping our water supply disease free. The tap water available in most municipal water systems is safe and meets all requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. If there are occasional health concerns with the source of drinking water or the water treatment plant, the authorities are required to notify the public. Culligan considers public water treatment systems to be a partner in producing high quality, freshly processed drinking water at reasonable prices. In fact, some bottled water is from municipal treatment plants and packaged and labeled for public convenience. However, it is very expensive to drink individually packaged water from bottles, and the public cost of increasing the volume of plastics into the waste stream adds to that price even more. With Culligan systems, the average family of four can use Culligan for all of your drinking and cooking water for about $4.00 per week.

The Culligan system uses a combination of technologies: filtration, activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet light in their treatment processes. Since the Culligan system processes local tap water on the spot, it starts with water that meets all minimum health requirements and produces high quality “Fresh Drinking Water” that you know is bottled fresh by you!

Whether you have city or well water, your Culligan Man can make your water better with several options, including a customized whole-house solution. When your priority is protecting your family’s well-being, you care about security, the security of your home and the safety of your food, water and other essentials. Now it is time to ensure that the most essential element of life, your water, is the best it can be and your Culligan Man is your consultant for better water quality. Call us now at (903) 465-6644 to schedule your free home water quality evaluation.

Better Water Means Everything Tastes Better!

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